Our first collaboration

The Triptych – a series of three beers created together with multi award-winning micro-brewery Le Trou du Diable, based in Québec, Canada.

Our aim: to do something different.  Something that combines the strengths and provenance of our two breweries.  Hoping to seek out where the magic happens, where 1 + 1 = 3.

Given the relevance to Triple Point of the number 3, a triptych beer, a work of art designed to be appreciated in 3 parts seemed appropriate.  Both Head Brewers are fans of Pilsner beers, so we decided to brew a pilsner, but differently and in three parts.

We had been using oats in our ales but not yet in lagers, so we decided to use a high proportion of oats in the mix.  Le Trou Du Diable are masters of barrel ageing, an art that we are keen to develop, so this would form part of the plan.

In any collaboration it’s great to introduce some elements, flavours or ingredients from each of the collaborators Nations. As we were brewing a German style Pilsner, in England, with Quebecoise (French Canadians) we decided to incorporate some French hops and what could be more Canadian than Maple Syrup?


We had some amazing events planned for Oktoberfest in 2019, leading with no fewer than brand new beers just for the month! These ranged from smooth 4.7% latte lagers to an 8.4% baltic porter. You can find out more about the beers by clicking on the link below.